Facilitating Humanity’s Phase Shift by Making Sense

Vision Statement

We envision a new humanity that transcends political and socio-economic divisions to (re)discover our true unity as one global species, one that has learned how to work together to solve our global challenges, ushering in a new world beyond war, inequality and environmental destruction - a truly civilized society that works for everyone, now and for future generations of all life on Earth.

Mission Statement

The mission of the World Summit is to unite humanity by inviting individuals, groups and organizations to come together beyond our failed governments to create a neutral platform on the micro and macro levels in the form of mini-summits which will culminate into a global World Summit. In cross-pollinating global citizens with different groups and organizations during the summits we will scale up our collective knowledge, wisdom, and solutions and begin taking action towards solving our global challenges.

Values Statement

To accomplish our mission we must “be the change” we wish to see by operating as non-violent, non-judgemental “pro-activists” who are not fighting against anyone or anything, but instead are embodying the very principles and values that are necessary for the evolution of humanity. Therefore, the World Summit organization is inclusive, transparent, leaderless, open-source, decentralized, distributed, boundaryless, non-hierarchical, egalitarian, self-organizing, post-ego, post-conspiracy, post-scarcity, post-fear and anger, post-doom and gloom, and, most importantly, post-ism (racism, sexism, classism, capitalism, communism, left/right, etc.). We will embrace and operate with these values while doing so within a non-monetary gift culture.

Invitation of a Lifetime - Our Call to Action

This is an invitation of a lifetime, a personal invitation that will initiate the greatest collective change ever on earth, the change everyone has longed for. This is humanity’s chance to make a real difference, a collective and positive change to the world we live in. This invitation provides the framework for all of us to rise above our artificial divisions and take action to solve the World’s problems.

We send this out to people of every nation, of every religion, of every belief, of every political party, gender, social class and any other artificial social categorization who realize this truth: we are one species and we all want the same thing—a world that works for all of us. It is possible to create a better world based on cooperation and the knowledge that we collectively possess.

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