Facilitating Humanity’s Phase Shift by Making Sense

Opening the Summit - Setting the Tables

The World Summit has an extreme focus of attention and resources on working productively to solve the state of emergency that the current socio-economic system is in. We know that we can find out together how to take care of all people as we transition away from our outdated and dying economic and political systems. We acknowledge the suffering that each of us may have experienced under these degenerative systems, but now it is time to begin the healing process. This begins the moment we stop the blame and start creating entirely new regenerative systems.

The World Summit event is unlike any other summit because it goes way beyond a conference of talking heads. This is a live, real-time working and collaborative summit including as many different groups, individuals, first responders or new paradigm politicians and experts as possible. We will be actively building and creating a new model for self-governance and a regenerative socio-economic paradigm based on anti-rivalrous, win/win dynamics. (see Humanity’s Phase Shift slideshow). Based on agreed upon life-affirming values and criteria, we will have the tools and processes to begin creating the conditions for a happy, safe and sustainable equilibrium for humanity, animals, flora and fauna - in short, all life.  

The focus at this event lies on:

  1. Unifying the Unifiers - Shifting from the current paradigm to a new paradigm that will benefit all by strengthening the bonds that joins us as humans. This event is the first step in the process of uniting and aligning various groups and movements around the world to find agreement on the best way to organize

  2. Creating a New Table - We are building a new model that makes the current one obsolete. At this new table we will discover new, tangible and interconnected solutions that can be brought forward by the groups, experts and individuals. We can start “arriving at” the best solutions based upon tools and processes to factor in all variables and values criteria. Unlike the current systems, we will include feedback loops from all twelve sectors

Making Sense of the World - A Current Status We Can All Agree Upon

  • Brief presentation of the world’s problems (pre-reviewed by consensus) that we face as a collective species.
  • Explanation of why the current social economic and political systems are outdated and NOT sustainable.
  • A recognition that our capitalistic economic system has gotten us to where we are, but now it is in a degenerative, dying stage, which is calling forth a post-capitalism paradigm, whatever that might look like.  
  • Trying to ‘fix’ problems inside the current model is only fighting symptoms, not addressing the root cause.
  • Description of consequences if we do not act, or act adequately. Experts’ predictions of future problems if we carry on the way we are.
  • Discussion of communication techniques  (e.g. Nonviolent Communication) and guidelines for working within and between groups and the way we all connect, respecting our diversity.
  • Fully explain and agreement upon the use of the A.I.2 (amalgamated information and intentions) and G.P.S. (global problem solving) process to begin “arriving at” the best solutions and ways forward