Facilitating Humanity’s Phase Shift by Making Sense

World Summit Preliminary Event Program

Statement of Intention
We intend to bring together thought-leaders, change makers, transition leaders, experts, activists, groups and movements to exchange and focus on solutions which address the root causes effectively and create a better world for the good of all and our planet.  We will achieve this through online and face-to-face events held on a local and global level using an integral framework to leverage our combined efforts, knowledge and wisdom. We intend to spark the critical mass that already exists, igniting the largest social and environmental movement in human history, flipping the paradigm to a better world that meets everyone’s basic needs.  

Dynamic Timeline of Online and Main Event
The date, venue and exact location for the World Summit has not yet been established, as we are currently pulling together the people and resources to make it happen.  However we have a tentative date of June 1, 2019. In the meantime we creating several interim, online mini-summits to help us build up to the main event.

Format and Duration of Events
At the moment we are planning for the event to take place over the course of nine to twelve days. However, the process will not end there. Afterwards delegates will continue for as many months as necessary in order to reach a regenerative new model.

We anticipate the main event taking place via two formats: (1) physical event where the focus lies on workshops, presentations and breakout sessions. (2) Online Event connecting with satellite events worldwide that connect and feed back to the main event.

Modeling the Change
The World Summit event is NOT about forming a new organization or government to dictate to others. We are uniting and aligning groups and movements to create a powerful working space where diversity is balanced in a synergistic whole across the twelve sectors of society (see diagram below). Therefore, all World Summit events will model as much as possible what we intend to create in our world, which is regenerative, healthy and equitable models that can be an example for people around the globe.