Bypassing Borders and Existing Systems by Unifying Ourselves

Culturally Creative Gift Products

Triple Gifting Forward - Towards a Root Solution, A New Gift-based Socio-Economic System

If you purchase our eco-friendly World Map products with a lifetime warranty and gift them to someone, or yourself, you are affecting positive change in multiple ways that are quite different from any other “green” products. As a World Summit sponsor, Art of Liv'n hopes to be one of the first companies to put itself out of business by ushering in a whole new post-capitalist, post-government paradigm. All profits from the World Map products go directly to the World Summit to fund mini-summits and the historic World Summit event itself.

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The Most Meaningful Gift You Can Give -- Culturally Creative Gift Products

Are you a Cultural Creative? You are most likely a Cultural Creative (CC) if you are interested in purchasing and gifting our products, which prominently display the World Summit logo and our website address. In gifting them to friends and family, you are going further by helping us literally change the world. You are spreading a beautiful product with an equally beautiful and unifying message that a new world is not only possible, it is literally right around the corner. Customers will check out our website and hopefully join us in changing the world.


Cultural Creative Royalty Program

By participating in our Cultural Creative Royalty Program, you can actively promote the World Summit and the World Map products with your own individualized coupon code to be given out for purchases on Amazon in the U.S., U.K., Germany, Italy, France, Spain, and Canada. When customers buy the World Map products, they will save 5% on their order, while CC's will earn 10%. Also, CC's will receive a free set of World Summit sample products.

GBC's (gift-based contributions) and GBI's (gift-based income)

The World Map proceeds will also fund our innovative GBC and GBI program. Cultural creatives who work with us in creating the World Summit event can receive a GBI which may relieve some economic worries and free some time to dedicate themselves to manifesting a new sociocratic, gift-based socio-economic system. The exponential effect is this: the more World Map products sold, the more CC's we have working on the World Summit, and the faster we can bypass our existing governments and market economies—two of the biggest systems that divide us—and create the new "money free" system that makes the old money system obsolete.

If you become a beneficiary of either our GBI program and work directly with us on creating the World Summit, or you promote the World Summit through our royalty program, you will not get rich, at least in a material sense. But you may just earn enough to gain some economic freedom and freedom of time to finally put your passionate energy towards bringing about the more beautiful world that your heart knows is possible. Then we will all be rich beyond measure.

If you are a Cultural Creative artisan and are interested in promoting the World Map products, please get in touch. If you are interested in working as a delegate for your group to help us create the World Summit movement and event, we want to hear from you.