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Alternative Funding

The World Summit does not have a "Donate Now" button as we will be doing things quite differently. Our aim is to transcend our governments and our economics systems entirely, so this means we will not be registering with any government as a non-profit and we will not have a bank account. Our alternative funding model is based on a gift-economy, which means any tax implications will be minimal or non-existent. Any individuals, organizations or companies that wish to give monetary contributions on behalf of the World Summit will be gifted directly to the beneficiaries who will be receiving those contributions.

GBI's (gift-based income) and GBC's (gift-based contributions) - A New Model

You have probably heard about the impending need for UBI's (universal basic income) or GBI's (guaranteed basic incomes) because of the loss of jobs due to automation and robotics. This so-called "technological unemployment" is coming very fast, and instead of being feared, it should be embraced as a way to liberate humanity from thousands of years of toil and drudgery, freeing us for higher purpose work based on our true passions. However, the current thinking on where the money will come from to support UBI's points to these basic options; it will come from government funding, or industry funding, or some hybrid thereof. But this still leaves us under the control of governments and doesn't address the fact that we have an infinite growth based system in a world of finite resources. What if we could bypass this altogether and create a "people's minimum income" or what we call a "gift-based income". These regular monthly contributions, or what we call GBC's, will come from either individual sponsors or business sponsors and go directly to the recipients who are working with the World Summit or hosting World Summit Cafés. The GBI's will free people up to dedicate more time to creating a better world. Unlike the well meaning efforts of typical charities that are addressing the after effects, or the symptoms, we feel that this model of funding is allowing us to get to the root causes of our problems which is our political and economic systems themselves.

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