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World Summit Free Cafe Network

Free and Open Gathering Places for the Unification of World Changers

What is the Free Cafe Network?

We are creating a network of World Summit Cafés hosted by members around the world that would provide gathering places for world changers to discuss and manifest the visions of unity that the World Summit proposes. These cafe’s are a way for hosts and visitors to ​"be the change they want to see in the world" ​ by getting actively involved in their local communities, sharing the good news about the World Summit and bringing forth new ideas. Each café is not only just a casual gathering spot for engaging with the local community over coffee and tea, but is also a forum for scheduled meetups, open houses, and "mini-summits". We are building a global network of cafes where mini-summits will happen around the world, thus being a "glocal" structure (global and local).

How does it Work?

The WS Cafés are NOT be hosted in expensive retail spaces, but rather in people’s homes or apartments that they already have, as long as they are suitable to entertaining visitors while sharing coffee, food and discussion. Hosts simply open their doors to visitors that have located them through our website or maybe a future app (think of current apps and websites such as Airbnb.com, Couchsurfing.com, Worldpackers.com, Trustedhousesitters.com, World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (Wwoof.net). It is up to individual hosts to decide if they want to provide lodging accommodation, but if so it should be offered for free, where possible, to other WS Hosts (or at least discounted to regular members), as is done with sites like Couchsurfing, and in the spirit of the gift economy that the WS promotes.

What is the Advantage to the World Summit?

  • Creates a structure for spreading the ideas and principles of the WS as non-violent communication and gift-based economics
  • Provides forums for "mini-summits" around the world leading up to the global World Summit
  • Creates a local and global network
  • Provides a hands-on, boots-on-the-ground form of positive activism
  • This becomes a demonstration of "The Transition" to a new way of transcending our political and economic systems
  • An open-source, money-free, NGNBO (Non-governmental, non-banking organization), that is decentralized and self-managing

Why Be a Host?

  • A way to be proactively involved in bringing the World Summit into reality
  • Be a part of a local and global community of world changers
  • Free travel exchange opportunities available to host members of the network (assuming minimum standards and guidelines are adhered to, to be determined). For example, a host in Playa del Carmen Mexico could exchange with a host in Barcelona Spain. This will be a new way of sharing resources and ideas as well as exchanging travel opportunities with others around the world. This will be possible through a future the smartphone app and our website.
  • Hosts can receive a monthly Gift Base Contribution (GBC), if needed, from sponsors based on their expenses. There will be some criteria for determining on a case-by-case basis what GBC would be given.

Why Will Visitors Be Interested?

  • Experience our gift economy - free coffee, shared food (similar to potluck dinners) and the sharing of ideas and experiences, based upon ancient ways of gifting.
  • Experience a meaningful new (and old) way of being and doing that will restore hope and faith in humanity
  • An opportunity to become a member of the World Summit group...the greatest collective movement ever on earth
  • Visit World Summit Cafés around the world
  • Possibility to become a host in your own country and exchange travel with other hosts around the world

For more information, or if you would like to host a World Summit Free Cafe, please complete the following form: