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Why a World Summit – Our Rite of Passage

Most of us are aware of what the problems are. We are receiving a powerful message from Mother Earth, spoken in the language of a changing climate, a damaged environment, deplenishing resources, species extinction, and human suffering—all of these are symptoms of our constructed social systems. Many people are courageously working in various protest movements and initiatives to address our problems to ensure a better future. But what we may not recognize is that the myriad problems are all interconnected. They are our wake up call, our rite of passage, to awaken to our true nature as one unified humanity. The World Summit will call us to transcend our division and begin working towards the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.   

Our Outdated Political System

We know how divided we currently are as a species, and how divided we have been for millennia. The one thing that is preventing us from making the change for the better–towards a unified humanity–is our outdated socio-political system that seems to want only to divide us.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that our governments around the world do not have the ability to solve our problems. Our centuries-old political system cannot cope with our most urgent and interconnected issues. In its death throes, our political system keeps us fighting amongst each other, especially over limited resources, instead of communicating effectively and taking action. After decades and centuries of protesting and petitioning our representatives, we need to acknowledge that our political systems everywhere around the world do not represent the will of the people, but instead have divided society and damaged the World.

But now it is time to rise above our anger towards our politicians and leaders. Rather than fighting against a dying system, let us unite and create new ways of organizing humanity that make the old systems obsolete.

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