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What is the World Summit – Crossing the Threshold

Taking Action

We are done talking; it is time for action. When we as individuals decide to engage with the World Summit, either online or in person, we will be crossing the proverbial threshold into a stage of action. We will be committing to work with other people from around the world to address and solve our greatest challenges.

Being the Change We Wish to See in the World

Unity begets peace. Since the World Summit is about unifying all humans into one global tribe, it inherently follows that we must be peaceful and nonviolent. Now it is time that we stand tall as one humanity so that we may thrive.

New Models that Make the Old Ones Obsolete

Our outdated political establishment perpetually divides us over artificial scarcity and boundaries which result in war, inequality, and destruction of our planet. We did not choose these things. That is not our true human nature. We all have the same basic needs that must be met. We all want a quality life and a positive future to look forward to. When we create new systems and reorganize our society we will have a realistic chance to evolve as a human species based on equality and respect for diversity. With our technology, our ingenuity, and our empathy for all life, we finally have at our fingertips—perhaps for the first time ever in history—a realistic opportunity to build a world without poverty, hunger and war. It is time to put our differences aside and recognize that we have common problems to solve…as well as common goals.

For the Highest Good of All

At the World Summit we will cross the threshold into new ways of being and doing and organizing. Instead of hierarchical, we see horizontal. Instead of top-down, we see grass-roots. Instead of closed and proprietary, we see open-source and free. Instead of homogeneity and sameness, we see a flourishing of distributed and autonomous diversity. Instead of individualism or collectivism, we see community individualism. Perhaps we can envision this as a “tribe of tribes”. We all know what does not work; now it is time to shift our models to what will work for the highest good of all. We can do this.

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