Facilitating Humanity’s Phase Shift by Making Sense

What is Our Plan – The Metamorphosis

Stages of Our Transformation

Much like the stages that a caterpillar undergoes to transform into a butterfly, the World Summit envisions a similar metamorphosis in humanity achieving global unity and a new earth.

Phase One: The Spread of a Healthy Viral Meme to Change the World

Thanks to the internet, or what some consider to be the evolution of humanity’s central nervous system, we now have at our fingertips a most powerful interconnecting force enabling us to transform humanity. The first phase of our transition is to spread awareness of the most exciting, hopeful and revolutionary undertaking in all of human history. We believe people are ready and eager to endorse this invitation, sign up to join the World Summit, and virally spread the good news.

Phase Two: Global Representatives Join as Delegates

As groups and communities from all over the world become aware of the World Summit, we hope that they will join us in the urgent work of creating the blueprint for humanity’s metamorphosis.

Phase Three: The World Summit Global Event “of, by and for” ALL People of the World

We will need visionaries from all realms: indigenous wisdom keepers, scientists and technical experts, spiritual leaders, and powerful changemakers that have the ability to think outside the box, and who are not hamstrung by economic, ideological or institutional bias. We don’t have the answers ourselves but we do have an innovative structure based on “non-violent communication” and Sociacracy that will allow us to harness our collective intelligence and begin to make things happen. There is no doubt that collectively among our population of over seven billion people that we already posses the knowledge and technical ability to solve all our world’s problems. We will begin to chart timelines and lay out the blueprints for the greatest collective action ever in our history. And most importantly, the summit should not be perceived as the end-result itself. It is just the beginning. The summit is not a one-time event—it will be a process, an ongoing and evolving one.

Dynamic Steering Through A Fluid Timeline

We are living in a world of accelerating change and we see exponential curves everywhere we look…for better and worse. We are experiencing breakdowns at the same time as breakthroughs. Therefore our timeline and blueprint need to be as fluid and changeable as the current world we live in. This means that we can potentially affect real change in the here-and-now, not some distant future that we can hardly fathom. We are already in the great transition—it is happening NOW.

We can navigate this fluid timeline through a process known as “dynamic steering” in which we adjust our actions as we make progress. So even if we can’t see the whole path ahead of us, we should not delay our goals and dreams. As if we are in a dense fog, we only need to walk as far as we can see. Once we arrive there we will see a little bit further. From there we will walk further yet down the road with a confident “knowingness”, even amidst a vast unknown and uncharted territory. That is how we will trek an unclear path…a little bit at a time.

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.