Facilitating Humanity’s Phase Shift by Making Sense

Facilitating Humanity’s Phase Shift

Working with the Twelve Sectors at the World Summit Event

  1. Food, Environment, Water, Wildlife 
  2. Media, Communication 
  3. Learning, Education 
  4. Relations, Peacebuilding, Community 
  5. Spirituality, Personal Development, Religion 
  6. Justice, Sovereignty, Governance 
  7. Ancient Wisdom 
  8. Resource-Sharing, Economics, Trade 
  9. Arts, Music, Culture 
  10. Housing, Infrastructure, Transport 
  11. Science, Technology, Energy 
  12. Health, Wellness, Family


Visualizing the Process for Making the Event Happen

For a more indepth view at the complete process, please check out our slide show “Humanity’s Phase-Change - In Integral Framework”

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2019: The Year Humans Start Making Sense of the World