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Q: How is the World Summit different from all the other unifying groups?

A: There are many unifying groups. We think the World Summit is different for these reasons. One of our taglines is "Unifying the Unifiers" which means we are getting together all groups, not to sit around talking about "unifying", but to actually begin taking steps toward building the new paradigm. We are working on actual mini-summits now, leading up to a big World Summit. We have a structure where we actually get different groups working on building the World Summit event together. In doing so, this becomes the new form of self-governance that makes the old systems obsolete. We are also using an actual "gift-based economy" and "gift-based Income" system here and now, without waiting for a government Universal Basic Income. This system will empower us to make changes at an exponential rate.

Q: How is your mission different from all the other NGO’s or activist groups?

A: While what many groups are doing is quite important in terms of creating global resonance by meditating, coming together in group harmony, preparing for higher unity consciousness, and addressing/fighting the symptoms of our messed up systems, we are getting to what we think are the roots causes of our division and dis-unity, our economic and political systems themselves. Unless and until we address our win/lose socio-economic system itself we will keep getting what we have always gotten, which is inequality, war, and environmental destruction. We are not waiting to change these systems; we are starting now by creating a new system of self-governance with mini-summits leading up to the main World Summit event very soon.

Q: How would get a mainstream politician to understand what the World Summit is about?

A: This is what really makes the World Summit organization different. We are not asking permission from our leaders and politicians to create a better world. We do not register with or recognize any official government. We do not have a bank account and do not accept any money. In a peaceful, non-violent way we are "Bypassing Borders and Existing Systems by Unifying Ourselves”. So with all due respect to “mainstream politicians” we most likely won’t engage with them. Instead of asking for a seat at the proverbial table of so-called leaders, we are creating a whole new table. When we have created a whole new system of self-governance, the politicians will be coming to us to ask how they can be included.

Q: Gift Culture – Your invitation mentioned that the World Summit will operate within a gift culture. What is a gift culture and how does it work?

A: Many people around the world are seeing that it is our entire socio-political economic system itself which divides us and is the root cause of so many of our global challenges. If Einstein was right that you can’t solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that created it, then we need to “be the change” and operate the World Summit from an entirely new level beyond economic restrictions. Or more precisely, let’s resurrect an old way, a way of gifting and sharing and doing for others that worked successfully for hundreds of thousands of years before the advent of monetary exchange systems, and long before any supposed barter systems (which never really existed anyway).

While appreciating the evolutionary importance of money and capitalism to our development as a species, we need to now recognize that both our political and economic systems are outdated and counter-productive to our survival. Some people have speculated that mankind is over a hundred years behind where we could be in terms of our technological and civilizational development due to our proprietary, scarcity-based economic system. With global debt exceeding $200 trillion, so many of our problems cannot be solved, simply because we don’t have enough money. But if we look beyond monetary restrictions and ask whether or not we have the resources, know-how and technology to solve our problems, then anything becomes possible.

Therefore, the World Summit won’t be a typical not-for-profit organization, begging for donations to our general fund, or to pay officer salaries and then give back whatever is left over to a cause. Instead we will ask people to join our organization and contribute in whatever capacity they feel called, since they are part of our global family, or tribe. As a caring member of a family or tribe one does not give something or do something with the expectation of reciprocity, or getting something in return. One does not exchange some form of payment for his or her contributions to the group. One does things for the tribe because it helps the whole tribe, in acts that are at once both selfish and altruistic. So the World Summit will not be giving out receipts that can be used for tax write-off’s. That is not true gifting. We will not be giving away free tickets to an exclusive event if you’re a gold-level supporter to some crowdfunding campaign. That’s not true gifting or sharing. We do not gift to create an obligation; we gift or share or do because it is right, and simply because we are humans.

Anthropologist David Graeber explores the history of gift cultures in his book, Debt: The First Five Thousand Years. He quotes the words of an Inuit hunter-gatherer from Greenland, “Up in our country we are human! And since we are human we help each other. We don’t like to hear anybody say thanks for that. What I get today you may get tomorrow. Up here we say that by gifts one makes slaves and by whips one makes dogs.” Graeber goes on to write, “The refusal to calculate credits and debits can be found through the anthropological literature on egalitarian hunting societies. Rather than seeing himself as human because he could make economic calculations, the hunter insisted that being truly human meant refusing to make such calculations, refusing to measure or remember who had given what to whom, for the precise reason that doing so would inevitably create a world where we began comparing power with power, measuring, calculating, and reducing each other to slaves or dogs through debt.”

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