Facilitating Humanity’s Phase Shift by Making Sense

World Summit Event Brief Overview
*This is an Evolving Program




Day 1 - June 1

Brunch, settling down, kick off 12 pm after brunch

Opening and welcome by the World Summit Team to delegates and satellite locations.

Day 2 - June 2

Delegates from 12 sectors present a synopsis of key existential risks and evaluate possible solutions using criteria/parameters. All groups have funneled in proposals for solutions and presentations before the event.

Individual delegates/ groups form smaller groups within the 12 sectors. They define their agendas for the coming days.

Day 3,4,5 -
June 3,4,5

Choice-making - “Arriving at Best Solutions” (Using AI2 and GPS)
Discuss how we “arrive at” the best tangible interlinked solutions brought forward by the groups, experts and individuals to lead us towards an anti-rivalrous, win/win, regenerative operating system

Evaluate and arrive at best solutions using “Human Values Criteria” and steps for implementation.

Day 6 - June 6

Rest and time to reflect on the week’s Summit: reaction to / interaction within new energies, if needed. Linking / connecting to other satellite locations for  interaction and feedback (big video screens).

Satellite events will have possible workshops, panel discussions, TedX type events, cultural, artistic activities

Day 7,8 - June 7, 8

Recap of the past week (Presentation of suggested solutions by every sector). Look at current issues in the process. Consider focus for coming days

Develop framework for “arriving at” best solutions based on agreed upon life-affirming “human values criteria”

Day 9 - June 9

Day of Rest for attendees

Forming Interim Transition Team:  reflection / or consensus rounds;
action plan and consent / agreement on how to start the Transition phase.  

World Summit closing for delegates in short program before “Interim Transition” phase. World Summit core-team will extend their stay to coordinate & support the follow up / interim transition team

Day 10 - June 10

Develop strategic/tactical details of Interim Transition plan and implementation; if not complete, meetings scheduled to fill-in any necessary details

Presentation by the Interim Transition Team for live stream to local satellite locations

Day 11 - June 11

Gathering for final presentation of “A New Table” and closing ceremony

Delegates return home to change the world!  Interim Transition team continues as long as it takes.  

Full Daily Agenda of Event
*This is an Evolving Agenda

Day 1 - June 1
(Saturday morning): brunch, settling in, getting oriented

Day 1 - June 1
(Saturday afternoon):  kick-off 12pm after brunch
Opening of the World Summit event with a welcome speech highlighting the unity, alignment, diversity and the purpose-driven organization of the event. The delegates will be welcomed for bringing their energies from all walks of life and for the 12 sectors. The Four Colors of humanity will be welcomed (short explanation of all segments of humanity), and the Parable of the Condor & Eagle (the path of the Heart & Head, North & South, Science & Spirituality, Feminine & Masculine) as forming the World Summit together. We are  of Open heart, Open Mind, Open Will, and Open Source.
There will be a synchronization between the main World Summit psychical event and the Online Event with Satellite locations (organized as they see fit with music, => TEDx-like talks, entertainment and fundraising) and World Summit Free Cafes and Synergy Hubs.
We will reach out to Satellite locations and World Summit-Cafes & Synergy Hubs worldwide for feedback / interaction every hour. Questions will be redirected via the World Summit hosts to the World Summit Core Team.
The World Summit Core Team will go through the  information in the welcome package, there will be time for Q&A , as well as reflection and preparation.

Day 2 - June 2
(Sunday morning): Possible options to be presented by various groups / experts and movements from 12 sectors.
Every two hours 20 min break at their own discretion

Day 2 - June 2
(Sunday afternoon): distribution of individuals and groups into  sectors.

Day 3 - June 3
(Monday): Discuss changing the paradigm using the integral framework and the 12 sectors to create tangible and interconnected solutions brought forward by the groups, experts and individuals, including feedback loops.

Day 4 / 5 - June 4/5
(Tuesday / Wednesday): same as day 3.

Day 6 June 6
(Thursday) : Rest and time to reflect on the weeks Summit: reaction to / interaction within new energies if needed. Linking / connecting to other satellites cities for  interaction and feedback.

Day 7 & 8 June 7-8
(Friday & Saturday)Recap of the past week. Presentation of suggested solutions by every sector. Look at current issues in the process. Consider outlook for coming days.

  1. A evaluation / consent / agreement between representatives on ‘required criteria’ for possible ways forward as humanity, leaving differences aside. This can be achieved by looking at the whole concept: how do the solutions from the 12 sectors relate and affect each other? How can we re-calibrate best?

Day 9 June 9
(Sunday): Day of Rest attendees Formation of Interim Transition Team:  reflection / proposal / counter-proposal / consent / agreement rounds.
Action plan and  consensus / agreement on how to start the Transition phase. 

World Summit core-team will extend their stay to coordinate & support the Interim Transition team

Day 10 June 10
(Monday): Last details and presentation by the Interim Transition Team.

Day 11 June 11
(Tuesday)Welcome to the New World

When we leave the event we will have come to a realization of how to unify and organize best, which in itself may actually be a big part of flipping the paradigm. We can’t possibly know what things will look like, but it could/should have a massive impact. Maybe we will have already completely built the “new table”, a new operating system for humanity that leaves our old governments and economic models in the dustbin of history. In this new phase we are able to repurpose sectors of society very quickly and without resistance or violent overthrow. This will hopefully be the phase where the handover of the reigns of power happen nonviolently, as it becomes self-evident that the new self-governance and regenerative economic systems have arrived. This is the transition phase, or the phase change in human history, through which we realize an entirely new paradigm where humanity starts making sense and making good choices.

  1. Thanks for attendance and working together on a better world.
  2. Uniting and sharing what each has brought and gifted to others, what gifts each has received, and how these gifts will be further distributed.
  3. Goodbyes and departure ;-(

Closing mini-Concert Jam by attendees
We are the Interim Transition